In my early teens, I did judo and swimming, and I was nearly fourteen when I got interested in gymnastics. I started with self-training: The acrobatic videos of Canadian artiste, acrobat Dominic Lacasse, and stuntman Joe Eigo inspired my trainings, and following their movements, I practically explored street workout, then in its infancy in Hungary. I devoted the subsequent years to competitive sport, still with a mostly own, self-dependent training programme, and after three years of active competing and by then nearly ten years of sport experience behind me, I started work as a coach. Having graduated at the Department of Recreation of the University of Physical Education, the FMT qualification at Thor Gym, and the daily development of my knowledge help me with that.

 The fruit of street workout instruction and organisation work:

2020 – Tour as a representative of Fővárosi Nagycirkusz at the International Circus Festival
2020 – Organisation of the workshop Viktor Kamenov
2020 – Organisation of the second Hungarian Street Workout Cup series
2020 – Organisation of the first Street Workout Fitness Cup series
2019 – Preparation of bronze medal winner Mátyás Jokhel for the Hungarian Street Workout Championship
2019 – Professional leadership of the street workout events ‘Budapest on the Move!’
2019 – Organisation of the first Hungarian Street Workout Cup series (Tight Hold Cup)
2019 – Organisation of the workshop Roger Jimenez Julian
Since 2016 competition preparation as coach
Since 2016 professional partner work with the Hungarian Street Workout Association
2016 – Establishment of the training system Tight Hold
2016 – Organisation of the first and second street workout group dual
2015 – Elaboration of the first street workout training
2015 – Organisation of the first cash prize street workout dual
Since 2015 professional partnership and supported state with the street workout park manufacturing enterprise BeStrong Kondipark
Since 2014 regular participation as guest judge and jury chairman at Hungarian and international competitions
Since 2013 group and personal coach work

My results as street workout competitor:

2016 – Bronze medal at the Dubai World Cup stage
2016 – Gold medal at the World Cup qualification Budapest Urban Games Street Workout Challenge
2016 – Bronze medal at the Zagreb World Cup stage
2016 – Silver medal at the Rome World Cup stage
2016 – Silver medal at the Hungarian Championship
2015 – Hungarian champion, qualification for the World Championship
2014 – Gold medal at the Zagreb World Cup stage
2014 – Silver medal at the Hungarian Championship
2013 – Gold medal at the Slovak International Championship
2013 – Bronze medal at the Street Workout World Championship
2013 – Hungarian champion, qualification for the World Championship


  1. From this year on, street workout became part of my life. Before, I had tried several sports, but neither of them attracted me as much as this form of movement did, with which I spend most of my time of the days by now.

 I graduated at the Department of Human Kinesiology of the University of Physical Education, then I acquired the FMT qualification at Thor Gym. I keep trying to be authentic and up-to-date both in practice and theory; as an athlete and a coach. My strength is dynamic elements where explosiveness, coordination and mobility play first of all a significant role. However, I feel inspired by strength elements not acquired until now, thus, I face new challenges day by day. In my commitment towards the sports discipline, my coach and professional leader, Ákos Szarka plays a significant role, with whom we have created the brand Tight Hold to make sports life in Hungary more colourful with a new training method and its programmes. I think everyone can find their exercises full of success and excitement if they train diligently, thanks to the manifold movements of street workout. Be it strength elements, explosiveness, endurance, coordinative exercises or even flexibility, all of them will be tested with us.  


I decided at the age of nine that I would like to be a dancer. I did competitive dancing for six years, we got into the top league with my partner, but since then, I prefer another dancing style. Dance itself provided me with very good movement coordination and body awareness, which I can make use of in several fields of sports. Beside my original sport discipline, I tried other movement forms as well, but it was own bodyweight training that attracted me most, and so another big dream turned up: to be a coach.

By now, I am a professional dancing artist, and my coach career has also started, for which I have graduated as a fitness instructor and acquired the Tight Hold coach title. Training and sport influence my life significantly; I simply feel better by overcoming my boundaries every day. As a coach, I would like to pass on this feeling, and to inspire everyone not yet a sports addict to become one.