Street workout and own bodyweight trainings in groups and personal training for beginners and advanced, competition preparation, as primary or additional sports, from the age of 12… Thus, we recommend our trainings to (almost) all who wish to train with own bodyweight, or are fed up with whichever form of weight training, or to enrich their coaching arsenal with new forms of movement.

At our sessions, we permanently feel well, which is necessary, because when rectifying movements, we must be critical toward our trainees, so that they can acquire their goals in the shortest time and the healthiest way.

In 2015, we were the first to organize street workout courses for coaches and the interested who wished to deepen their skills during a few weeks’ education. In our sessions, we offer useful addition to coaches working with other forms of movement, but as recreation, athletes can acquire useful knowledge too that they can make use of during their trainings. Our tutorial classes last from one day to several weekends, attendance does not require previous education.

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In recent years, we have taken part in numerous events with our group of 4-5, so, among others, we have been recurring guests of the popular Volkswagen Rally Hippy Village.

On our tours, we can take along our professional BeStrong competition rack if necessary, which can be used by the interested movement fans safely after our 6-8-minute performances – under our professional help and the supervision of coaches. If you have on-site equipment, we can make a choreography for the performance with pleasure.

Developing street workout as professional sport has been part of our commitment for years. In order to get the most out of competitive sport, thanks to our internationally recognized members, we take the role of judges and chairmen of the jury at several national and international competitions.

We have several years of experience at organizing street workout and own bodyweight competitions, so we can contribute to a greater event with spectacular performances or competitions organized by us.

If you are interested in any of our activities, feel free to contact us!

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